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Hi, I’m Emma. Thanks for stopping by! I am a self confessed introvert who craves the simple and slow things in life. I love to run, read, and write! I am blessed to be wife to a wonderful husband, mum to two amazing and vivacious daughters, 1 dog, a cat, and 5 chickens. We live in Motueka, New Zealand, a stones throw from the beautiful Abel Tasman national park.

I have been on a journey towards a slower simpler and more intentional way of living since my second daughter was born a few years ago. I’ve learnt lots along the way and I love to write about the lessons I’ve learnt.

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There are 3 key principles that underpin my journey towards simplifying and slowing down.

  1. Curating your life – being intentional and purposeful about what makes you who you are. Curation automatically leaders to less clutter.
  2. Creating – I wholeheartedly believe in the power of creation. Creating something (anything) is a process that needs slowness. It needs thought and introspection. And it leads to you leaving a more powerful legacy.
  3. Connection – we can’t live without connection. It’s vital to our existence in so many ways.

If you want to read more about these principles I created a mini e-book that will take you a bit deeper. You can get your copy here (just pop your details in the boxes below)!

I love writing and have done since I was young. One of the many jobs I wanted to do when I was little was to be a journalist. After spending the last 15 years writing academically I am loving dipping my toes back into creative writing. I also love research so my writing will always reflect that too.

This year my writing has featured on Introvert Dear, A Life in Progress, and The Life on Purpose Movement.  

I am also working on the full size version of my e-book Curate. Create. Connect., which should be available on Amazon by the end of 2017. Next year I will begin work on my second book!

If you want to be part of the journey to curating and creating your best self please join our community!

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